November 2013 - Star One Realtors

Our City Was Voted #1 for Best Place to Retire

Congratulations! Cincinnati has been named one of the Top 10 Best Places to Retire by, a national website that ranks quality of life and travel amenities of America’s small and mid-sized cities.
For this list of the best places to retire, editors pulled data used to determine the Top 100 Best Places to Live. Editors identified cities with creative atmospheres, excellent healthcare, lots of art and entertainment venues, high levels of social engagement, great parks and other outdoor amenities along with a relatively low cost of living.
“If the only factor in your retirement planning is playing golf on a daily basis, your choices are pretty clear,” says Matt Carmichael, Editor. “But for everyone else, we wanted to put together a list of great cities that have more to offer than green grass and easy tee times. Not everyone moves when they retire, but for those who do, here are 10 cities and towns to consider.”

Cincinnati was chosen because the city exposes older adults to new experiences – keeping them active, engaged, healthy and inspired. The city offers a host of quality of life amenities appealing to seniors – from arts and cultural activities, outdoor recreation opportunities, top-notch medical facilities to economic assets, such as continuing education and lower cost of living. Cincinnati Best Place to Retire

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