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Save Costs with Smart Home Upgrades

Smart Home Upgrades for about $300
Baby, it’s cold outside! As temperatures dip, many homeowners are looking at ways to save on energy costs.
Luckily, it doesn’t take a fortune to invest in smart technology for your home. In fact, many technology upgrades can be made for under $300. And while the upfront cost may be low, the potential savings are considerable, making for some great ROI.
In a recent survey of home enthusiasts, HGTV learned that most people who have smart home technology are focused on saving money through automated climate control, energy management, remote home monitoring and lighting control systems.
Climate control systems average $250, smartphone-operated locks range from $150 to $300 and a surveillance lighting system provides security monitoring information wirelessly for about $350.
While still a growing trend, these relatively inexpensive smart home enhancements have the potential to increase savings, safety and re-sale value.
For that reason, 51 percent of surveyed life style enthusiasts would consider installing smart home technology in preparation for selling their home to make it more appealing to buyers.
By Melissa Drake

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