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Steps of the Construction Process

Below is a basic list to help you through the confusing construction process. This list is believed to be accurate, but some builders may have other processes they prefer other than those listed. It is always best to talk to your builder for an actual guideline on their specific construction process.Ā 

1. Building plans
2. Plot plan
3. Zoning Permit
4. Building permit
5. Stake lot
6. Dig hole (determine soil bearing capacity)
7. Pour concrete footings
8. Footer inspection
9. Pour concrete foundation
10. Strip forms and spray on tar damproofing
11. Install drain tile and gravel backfill (1" gravel)
12. Install sump crock - if needed
13. Rough plumbing under basement floor Rough heating in slab area of home
14. Gravel backfill under basement and garage floor
15. Pour concrete floors in basement and garage (3000 p.s.i.)
16. Backfill dirt around foundation
17. Set I-Beams and sill plates (sill plates bolted or strapped down with sill plate insulation underneath
18. Floor joist and band board
19. Subfloor (glued and nailed)
20. First floor exterior walls 2 x 4 16" on center (Covered with black board or other sheathing)
21. First floor interior walls 2 x 4 16" on center (some bearing) (steel 2 x 4 studs 24" on center may be substituted)
22. Second floor joists and band board
23. Second floor subfloor glued and nailed
24. Second floor exterior walls 2 x 4 16" on center (covered with black board or other sheathing)
25. Second floor interior walls 2 x 4 16" on center (most are non-bearing)
26. Installation of roof trusses 24" on center
27. Installation of roof sheathing
28. Installation of tar paper, flashing, shingles (fiberglass, 20 year, self sealing)
29. Framer sets windows and doors
30. County or city inspection
31. 2nd plumbing rough in
32. 2nd heating rough (placement of furnace/flue)
33. 1st electrical rough (placement of electric panel in basement)
34. County inspections: heating, plumbing, electric
35. Insulation
36. Insulation inspection by building inspector
37. Exterior ground work: sewer, water, gas, electric
38. County inspections: heating, plumbing, electric
39. CG&E inspection on gas line
40. Backfill ditches for brick delivery
41. Prep foundation for laying of brick (tar brick ledge)
42. Placement of brick (pre-made weep holes)
43. Acid wash exterior brick
44. Stock, hang, and finish drywall (two days to hang) - (a. Tape and coat; b. bed coat; c. finish coat; d. skim and sand; e. texture ceilings)
45. Paint interior walls and stain trim package (if painted trim, trim first then paint the trim)
46. Install vinyl floors and hardwood in the entry
47. Cut out for exterior concrete (driveway, patio, walks)
48. Install siding and soffits
49. Pour and finish exterior concrete
50. Install gutters and downspouts
51. Trim entire house (doors, cabinets, vanities, counters, baseboards, casings, railings, exterior shutters and door trim)
52. Install ceramic tile in tubs and showers
53. Finish painting and staining trim and 2nd coat walls
54. Exterior painting
55. Finish plumbing/inspection
56. Finish heating/inspection
57. Finish electrical/inspection
58. Install blown insulation in ceiling
59. Install mirrors and closet shelving
60. Finish hardwood in entry
61. Install carpet
62. Whole house cleaning
63. Finish grade lot, seed, fertilizer and straw
64. Landscaping, trees and shrubs
65. Customer walk thru before closing
66. Final occupancy permit