Data Needed For Loan Application



  • Copies of last 2 yrs all W2's
  • Copy of most recent paycheck stub
  • Copies of 2 ys tax returns for self-employed borrowers, sales reps & commissioned people
  • Statement from courthouse showing child support payments
  • Award letter from Social Security or Permanent Disability


  • Copies of 3 mos. of all bank stmts, savings, checking & Credit Union accounts
  • Stock Certificates or Bonds (if used for closing)
  • Gift from a relative: Will need a letter from donor & verification of donor's account that holds the funds for the gift.
  • Purchase contracts on sale of present home and/or relocation agreement for transferee.


  • 2-yr address history for each borrower
  • Copy of canceled earnest money check
  • Divorce decree
  • Copies of leases if rental property is owned by the borrower
  • Condominium documents
  • Application fee


  • Name and account numbers of all credit cards
  • Name, address & acct. nos. of all loans (auto, student, personal)
  • Recent 2-yr history for a present mortgage: Name, address & acct. no.
  • Recent 2-yr history for rent: Name & address of landlords


  • Loans — Name and address of nearest living relative
  • Photo ID & Social Security card
  • VA Certificate of Eligibility & Copy of DD214 (Discharge Papers)