Refinancing Worksheet

Note: This is a preliminary refinancing worksheet. Please see the form security disclaimer before entering any information you regard as sensitive. Please contact Fifth Third Bank for details on closing costs.


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Contact Information

Property Information

The property I am interested in refinancing is my:

  • Primary Residence
  • Secondary Residence
  • Investment Property

The property type I wish to refinance is a:

  • Single Family Detached Home
  • 2 - 4 Unit Property
  • Condo/Townhouse
  • Co-op
  • Other

Approximate value of the property you want to refinance:

Current Loan Information

Current Loan Type:

  • No Selection
  • Fixed
  • Adjustable (ARM)
  • Don't Know

Information about an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

If you have an adjustable, please tell us the index:

  • No Selection
  • 1 Year T-Bill
  • 6 Mos. CD
  • Prime
  • 11th District COFI
  • Other

Purpose of Refinance
  • I want to refinance only my current first mortgage.
  • I want to refinance my current first and second mortgage.
  • I want to refinance and obtain additional "Cash Out"
  • I want to obtain an Equity Loan.

Form Security

Star One Realtors® cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit over the Internet. If you have personal information you deem to be sensitive, do not send it via e-mail or as part of an interactive form. Instead, you should e-mail instructions for Star One to contact you by a potentially more secure method (such as telephone or snail mail). Each of our interactive forms contains a text area you may use to provide special instructions, such as to telephone you to obtain sensitive information.